Forms for Teachers

Student Affiliate

Student Affiliate enrollment spreadshet blank If you can use a spreadsheet, this is the preferred form.
Electronic instructions to the teacher
To print, highlight your entries, in the Print menu, select Page Landscape, select Print Selected Cells.

Student Affiliate pdf enrollment form If you cannot use a spreadsheet, you may use this alternate form.

Mail a copy to the Theory Chairman, mail another copy with payment to the Treasurer.


Fall theory registration pdf form

Spring theory registration pdf

Theory test teacher information

Theory Test parent and student information


Festival Registration

Mail a copy of completed registration form and critique sheets to festival chairman.
Mail a copy of completed registration form to treasurer with payment.

Festival Critique Sheet doc format

First, Save critique sheet in your word processing format.
Insert your information. Underline your information. You may use a large font for student's name. Please do not let the judge's signature spill onto the next page. Delete blank lines if you need to.


Please sign up for monitoring with the festival chairman


Publication contest teacher information

Forms for Students

Theory Test parent and student information

Parent-student information about festivals