Parent/Student Hand Out- Theory Test Information

Parent Information:

This is about the Texas Music Teachers Association Theory Test. The purpose of the Theory Test is to evaluate Student Affiliate members' musical knowledge of and the ability to apply theory,

The Theory Test is offered through Bluebonnet MTA in the Fall and in the Spring,

The completed tests are mailed to the TMTA Theory Committee for grading, then mailed back to the local association,

*Only students registered in Texas Music Teachers Association-Student Affiliate. are eligible to take the theory test.

Students are given two hours to take the test. Students are allowed to leave once they have completed the test. Although parents are not allowed in the testing area, parents should remain in the building for students who complete the test early.

Make sure that your child goes to the restroom prior to entering the testing area,

Student Information:

1. Arrive 15 minutes before your test time to sign in,
2. Bring 2x sharp pencils and an eraser.
3. (Do not take anything else in the testing room with you.)
4. Scratch paper will be given with the test.
5. Check in at the information desk,
6. Confirm the correct spelling of your name, as your teacher has registered you,
7. Confirm your current grade level, and the correct test level.


Students who score 90 or higher are awarded Whitlock medals for Levels 1-12. These medals are given out at the end of the school year.

Gold Medal: 98-101
Silver Medal: 94-97
Bronze Medal: 90-93