Frequently Asked Questions


Can my students take their theory test in a different association?
If theory test dates are better for yor students in another association, there are two ways you can go about testing in another association.

The difficult way
Register them in SA in your usual association, then have them test out of association. This is cumbersome and difficult. It requires a lot of paperwork and procedure.
More information about testing out of association
Theory registration information

The easy way.
I'm a member of both associations. In early September I determine which students want to take theory test at which association. I simply register each student in SA at the correct association. Easy! We'd be pleased to have you join.

How do I add an additional association to my MTNA account?
You need to contact MTNA. This is not automated in their website. You need to contact a live person at MTNA.


I. Do you have any activities for young beginners?
Yes, we do. Young beginners can benefit from participating in festivals. They can participate in the Master Composers Festivals and the Hymn Festival.
They can also participate in theory tests.

II. What songs are recommended for beginners in Master Composers festivals?
Primer Pieces
1. Exploring Piano Classics, Preparatory level Repertoire by Nancy Bachus, Alfred. This is primer level, and it contains all four periods. It has nice large print.
2. There are three pieces by master composers in Piano Adventures Primer Performance book:
Classical March by Ferdinand Beyer- Romantic Era
The Happy Stream by Mauro Giuliani - Classical Era
Trumpet Song by Jeremiah Clarke - Baroque Era

Level One
There are level one pieces by master composers in:
1. Exploring Piano Classics by Nancy Bachus, Alfred Music Publishing Co. This one is the best of all. It has large bold print and pieces from all periods.
2. And there are some in Piano Town Level 1 Performance, Kjos Music Co. But no Baroque period:
By Alexander Reinagle 1756-1809
By Daniel Gottlob Turk 1756-1813
By Carl Czerny 1791-1857
By Cornelius Gurlitt 1820-1901
By Louis Kohler 1820-1886
3. The level 1 Piano Adventures Performance has the following pieces in original form, but no Baroque pieces:
Two Little Marches by Daniel Gottlob Turk 1750-1813
The Handbell Choir by Cornelius Gurlitt 1820-1901
Piano Adventures Accelerated Performance Book level 1 has one Romanatic piece in original form, A Merry March.
4. Journey through the Classics by Hal Leonard has the four periods, but it has sand color paper, so the print does not stand out as well.
5. Essential Piano Repertoire preparatory level, Neil a Kjos, has large bold print, all four periods, CD
6. The Festival Collection book 1, by FJH Music Co. with CD, has all four periods.
7. Masterwork Classics 1-2 does not have Baroque period.


III. Do you offer free performance opportunities for your students?
Yes, we have Bluebonnet recitals each season.

IV. On Lin Recitals

To upload your performance:
1. Go to
2. login with Bluebonnet login.
3. Enter Bluebonnet password.
4. Go to Bluebonnet Channel.
5. Upload your video.
6. Add it to the appropriate recital playlist.


V. Critique Sheet
I found the Critique Sheet for the Judge - April 14
1) However, It would not allow me to PRINT (?)
2) I noticed there are not any LINES to fill in . . . It would be difficult to fill in without LINES ??
You need to FIRST SAVE it in your word processing program.
Then INSERT or type in your answers.
You UNDERLINE everything you fill in.
You may need to delete blank lines so that the judge's signature falls in the same page.