Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any activities for young beginners?
Yes, we do. Young beginners can benefit from participating in festivals. They can participate in the Master Composers Festivals and the Hymn Festival.
They can also participate in theory tests.

What songs are recommended for beginners in Master Composers festivals?
Primer Pieces
1. There are pieces by master composers in Piano Adventures Primer Performance book:
Classical March by Ferdinand Beyer- Romantic Era
The Happy Stream by Mauro Giuliani - Classical Era
Trumpet Song by Jeremiah Clarke - Baroque Era

Level One
There are level one pieces by master composers in:
1. Exploring Piano Classics by Nancy Bachus, Alfred Music Publishing Co.
2. And In Piano Town Level 1 Performance, Kjos Music Co.
By Alexander Reinagle 1756-1809
By Daniel Gottlob Turk 1756-1813
By Carl Czerny 1791-1857
By Cornelius Gurlitt 1820-1901
By Louis Kohler 1820-1886